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Sunday, September 18, 2005

watch where u step!

i created this blog to share ideas, weblinks, pics, and other research on the dubai property phenomenon. from my experience in marketing property in dubai, i meet people everyday gambling in the desert oasis; either playing the speculation game, buying to let, to develop, to live, or just to dream about the day their gold-clad marble palace will leave the fantastically 3d-rendered plastic leaves of a sales brochure to adorn a mass-produced shoreline nearby...

most of these Investors have scant knowledge/experience about the dubai property market, hardly any access to official data (however helpful) and would otherwise be buying a rusty piece of concrete in the desert if it weren't for fantastic blokes like me who provided the ignorant with great weblinks, opinion, pictures, research and articles on the property petals (and thorns) to pick in the dusty desert rose..... Dubai.

so, in attempt to make infomation about dubai property markets more accessable, and my conversations with investors less repetative, sinkingsands is here!


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